Spot Tekstil was founded in 1992, and shortly after, the Company has made a reputation in the sector for its customer focused marketing practices, reliability and honesty. Spot Tekstil, which supplies products to most meticulous clients and brands with the principles of high quality manufacturing and timely delivery, has taken a step forward recently and become a manufacturing brand that creates its own collections. Since 1992, Spot Tekstil has been conducting its operations in Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone at its facilities over an 18,000 square meter indoor area with a flexible and rapid garment manufacturing structure. Spot Tekstil has adapted customer oriented manufacturing and marketing practices for better conforming to ever increasing demands of the competitive environment, fortifying its position in shrinking markets and for assuring its prevalence in the future. In this respect, the company carries out its operations with a dynamic and flexible structure along with a competent team of professionals using up to date technology. Holding customer satisfaction as its main principle, Spot Tekstil constantly makes investments pursuant to operation standards based on such principle and meets all needs of its customers in line with the developing business conditions.


Another basic principle of Spot Tekstil is attaining customer continuity, whereby the company places great emphasis on customer loyalty and demonstrates utmost effort to fully satisfy customer expectations in terms of design, price, quality, timing and flexibility. Having positioned itself as a manufacturing brand, Spot Tekstil spares no effort in providing better services to its clients. In this respect, the company has moved beyond being exclusively a manufacturer and is pacing toward becoming a fashion firm in line with its objective of exceeding customer expectations. Having attained continuity in corporate and structural improvements, Spot Tekstil further aims to preserve the 250 jobs that it provides and develop human resources, which is the most important factor in the sector. Currently, Spot Tekstil is the manufacturing brand of leading brands in the sector and the company conducts its operations in respect of its objective to become a company that supplies designs and fashion to its clients, for which it currently manufactures products.