Spot Textile applies the control process fastidiously in all the Production stages Spot Textile controls The products Quality in every stage; The systems principle is to produce the garments completed and perfect from the first stage. The Q.A. department tests and controls the fabrics Quality systematically. The Q.A. departments main mission is to assemble a system that provides the products Quality continuousness and to control the systems continuity commitment. Control and continual follow-up process is used in whole process that begins with fabric entry and ends with garments shipment. The main intention in Quality system is;


To transfer the products from one unit to the other, without problem in Production process.

To establish the problems in the beginning and solve the stoppages in the Production units.

Customers required test methods are done from the beginning of the fabric entrance and turn to account regarding to the customers critics.


Whole the fabrics rolls width and wight is checked delicately.

All washing test applied to all consignment of an order ,the shrinkage of fabric tested to width, and length to see how the dimension of fabric, and same wash test are making multifibres and in that way all colour fastness to water and staining can be observed and all precautions can be done before Production. On the other side all required test are making bulk fabric that can be a problem for customer .The aim is customer satisfaction.

All the tests are done in customers determined conditions, the basic rule is to be done with the customers usage.


The accessories are also strictly checked like dyed fabrics. The color change after wash, color fastness, nickel test,PVC control, prestudy for  resistance test of buttons, snaps, eyelets etc ,iron content test, zipper open-close tests, after wash controls, labels wash tests, stitch threads color approvals etc. controls are made.


During the  production process ,the products are chosen randomly and tested in Laboratories. Wash tests ,safety tests, nickel tests are repeated randomly. Especially printed products , print wash fastness and rubbing fastness tests are made with detailed.


All the information that obtained during these tests and control results'  are reported and archived.

In the confection production process a very strict control is made. The QC qroup which  is separated regarding to the customers, follows all the  processes of the  productions. During the production it is not allowed to go far away the requested quality


Intermediate control process is done strictly  and final control is made with AQL standards. Also there is a qc group to inform subcontractors with all details and improve their quality, education and knowledge. This trainings are applied to all subcontractors regularly in a certain periods

Broken needle procedure is made for all our customers . This broken needle procedure application and inspection is made regularly. Reports are prepared for all the units. Before packing , whole the garments are checked with needle detectors.